About AlarmLine

We thought that instead of the usual sales spiel we would ask one of our employees to write this intro page so we hope you enjoy the personal touch, so here is an introduction from Jonathan.

I joined AlarmLine in 2010 when I moved into the area and thought the job would be pretty much the same as any other in the security industry, after all I had been doing this from when I left school in 1991. I was to be greatly mistaken it was a breath of fresh air with positive thinking people always focusing on one thing “The Customer”, I was soon to have my mind blown away with the attitude that we can give the customer what they need, even if that meant pointing them in the right direction.

As you may have noticed in the earlier pages AlarmLine was established by Geoff and Janice Line in 1990 as a small family business delivering the promise to its customers and making them feel important to AlarmLine. To this day with the thousands of clients we still deliver that promise, listening to you and making your problems our challenge to solve.

The Answer is YES what’s the Question.

With Geoff and Janice having over 30 year’s experience and other senior staff having between 25 and 15 years’ experience AlarmLine can always find a solution that suits you and deliver a turnkey service.

We maybe a local family business to most our customers in the surrounding counties, but AlarmLine has customers spread all over the UK that receive the same service as if you were just around the corner.

You are always welcome to give us a call at AlarmLine and have a chat, or just pop in, we may even supply tea and biscuits.

Jonathan Marr

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